This is an interview about the first hand experience of Adam who has undergone Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions (QHHT) and further into what hypnosis is, and thoughts about other topics on Spirituality. Very insightful, intriguing first hand account into Adam's experience and what to expect. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique~What To Expect


I'm glad you reached out and are  curious  what your Soul has to say about what it wants, and what direction it's wanting to go. 

The process starts with writing down your intention and thoughtfully compiling a list of questions you would like to ask your Higher Self. I will be the one to ask these questions to you while you are in a comfortable state of hypnosis. ( Altered state of consciousness). 

We then begin in person getting comfortable with each other. I will conduct an informational interview to make sure I know important facts that can aid me in understanding where you are and what is needed to be touched on and who are the main characters in your life. This part I recommend not rushing as it really sets the tone for how comfortable you feel to allow yourself to let go of the outside worry and concerns and be present with me and to be more open to allowing yourself to go deeper. Could be as long as 2-3 hrs.

After we spend our time getting comfortable with one another and allowing you to talk about all the things that desire to come forward, it will be time to start the process of going into hypnosis. You are always in control so, how deep you go under is entirely up to you. 

At this point, I will guide you to go to the most important time and place that will have information you need. This is the past live part/or other incarnations off Earth. This process is roughly an hour. 

Then, the following hour is spent calling in, and asking you Higher Self the questions you devised ahead of time, and perhaps some we may discover as we speak. The average total time of the full session including interview can be between 3-6 hrs. 

Also, as I see fit, if there is any healing that can be done as we speak prior to your hypnosis session, I do take the liberty to address such things as they come up. As I also do energy healing  so, this is also a probability you may experience, which provides shifting of energy and perceptions and be brought awareness that helps you discover how to move into the direction that is best for you. 


If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. If you would like to proceed to have me guide you in your journey I would love to set a time up that works best for you. Plan on a full day with me. Bring a light snack and drink if you have a preference on types of food you eat. Stay hydrated. No altering drugs or alcohol 48 hrs. before appointment.  Caffeine is also to be avoided prior to your session.

Please don't schedule anything that day as again, not sure how long your session will be. We take as long as we need. This is time to dedicate for you! 

Note: If for what ever reason you decide to pull out of hypnosis before you access your Higher Self, you will not be charged the full price of $502. However, since a great deal of time and energy was expended there will be a compensation charge of $222 to cover time dedicated to you. 

Disclaimer: Depths of trance is completely in your control. The more comfortable  with idea of letting go and allowing the process to happen, the deeper you can go. Many clients have felt consciously present, as if they were on the sidelines witnessing, while still receiving valuable information that just appears to be coming through them. While others have no memory of the Higher Self portion, or merely a vague recollection only when they were prompted through questioning about what  came through, after they came out of hypnosis. Not everybody needs to, nor is it necessary, to be in an "apparent somnambulism" trance state to to have a completely successful session and access your Higher Self.