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Channeled Message by Suzanne T.A.

During Suzanne's QHHT session as she was describing her surroundings she began to channel a message on behalf of our human race in relation to Gaia's transition. Here is a written account of her Audio which is now on you tube. A link will be posted.

"Earth is the Heart of all Solar Systems.The children upon her, they not only dumped their emotional garbage onto her, they have dumped their physical garbage too. They have taken the blood from her body and spewed the very blood of their Brothers across her body.

Don't fear...Don't fear as she sheds her skin, her masks, the pain. After she does so that will be the time in which we will know to bring forth the minerals. These have been in safe keeping for the energy of Mother Gaia, the " Heart Of All The Universes".

The children don't understand what Gaia is but, look at your own human vessel, could live without a heart? NO. The dream state within which the children are wanting all the information now, now, now, now, the technology that is being created will destroy so many things more than you know.  You are literally giving away your freedom in all things; in all ways. In the essence of this, in the energy of this, the human does not have to look at themselves in the mirror because they are always looking outwards for the next quicker fix, the next answer that is immediately at their finger tips rather than going on the journey of self exploration to remember their Spirit their " I Am", their "Destiny Self" and embody that. 

There will be more that leaves than you can ever imagine but, it is important to do the self discovery to hold your center strong, to ground not into Gaia but, into your heart.  Even know she is the "Heart Center of all Universes".  The very heart that was created to sustain the physical vessel has a Spiritual Heart as well.  It is the mind of all things of unconditional love. This is where all things live, reside, breath , exist.  When you physical heart and Spiritual heart become one it is the masculine and feminine union as self and birthed here is the "Child Of Light".  This is where the children need to ground. This is where the answers come from that are true. This is where you re-connect to all that is, is through your Heart. This is where you need to ground.  Isn't is silly to think you need to ground into Mother Gaia? Especially during the terminal times of her own transition.  It would be like grounding into or connecting to someone in which are having a panic attack as you place your words upon this or someone who was having a manic episode. Does that feel good to you? Of course not. These theories and these creations of the humans in order to distract themselves from the truth of their power; of their gifts and how each one are a very important part of the puzzle. It is important to you sisters to hold strong , to hold strong in this great telaceous time of birth. For this daughter that lies upon this energy is not the only one that is birthing. into a new."